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We've created a virtual gallery district that provides easy access to a variety of contemporary artists. This guide will connect you to recent creations by artists working today that you can buy on-line now. Check out our gallery guide for art gallery sites and read up on our art terms so you can make smart purchases. Want to try art in your space before you buy? Try our virtual Art Fitting and curating services.

Large Art, Affordable Prices
Contemporary Prints up to 12 Feet Long for less than $1,000

Visualpump Artist
Michael Pfleghaar. Available in sizes up to 40"

Visualpump Artist
Melissa Henry. Available in sizes up to 40"

Visualpump Artist
Molly Alicki corriveau. Available in sizes up to 59"



NakedArtStudio U. K. artist creates large original paintings in decorative patterned earth tones, often in pairs and triplets.
Lavaluva Abstract photographic prints based on Lava Lamps with bright colors and bubbly compositions.
Scott Piers Digital, Abstract art that appears to travel through space and time with shimmering, rolling shapes.
Cortada A Cuban-American artist working in Miami offers colorful prints and Black & white drawings rooted in an Hispanic aesthetic.
Douglas Art Prints Bold Black and White graphic images organized by a wide variety of subjects.
Vivalet Digital images created with Fractal mathematics in styles from minimalism to pattern to surrealism. Available in a variety of print sizes.
James Pearson Free flowing drawings over colorful expressionistic painting with figurative and abstract subjects.
Jeff Soto This work is influenced by japanimation and graffiti. It includes beautifully rendered bees painting flowers and robots with chain saws.
Kho Sante Richly colored, abstract, geometric and drip paintings and prints from an Italian artist.
Lisa Alisa Fun, sexy cute prints and paintings inspired by anime and the Japanese toy revolution.
Shawn McNulty Colorful geometric, abstract expressionist, paintings and prints. Small to very large sizes available.